Frequently Asked Questions

  • Features

  • What is so special about Voice Commander?

    Voice Commander is the only app of the sort on the market at the moment. This voice assistant integrates with the Daw and extend possibilities that controllers and voice over can offer. As we are focused on productivity, we tailored our speech engine to operate fast from spoken command to execution. We believe that the required information should automatically be displayed right in front of you when needed using spoken key words. Ultimately Voice Commander brings more value than multiple monitors surrounding you and endless controllers brought together. It is still an early App (released September 2019) but we strive to pursue this vision and deliver incremental improvement to our engine and features with each release. Feel free to share your feedback and ideas.

  • Will Voice Commander improve over time?

    Yes, speech recognition works by learning from speech data, the more you use the Voice Commander the better it gets.

  • What's on our roadmap?

    Our next update is will bring :

    • Support for region Selection.
    • A Voice Command bundle.

  • Is Voice Commander compatible with all Logic Pro X versions?

    We support Logic Pro X starting from 10.2 and above.

  • What are the advantages of VC over keyboard?

    Voice commands are key commands siblings, the only difference being that you need to speak them out before they take action. Voice commands must be edited from the command builder window. The Voice commands can be macros (nesting mulitple key commands).

  • Can VC be used in combination with keyboard shortcuts and mouse

    Yes, VC acts just like another controller device that trigger actions on top of mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts.

  • Pricing

  • Is Voice Commander Free?

    • Free membership: allows you to test the app and give you access to the 5 first tracks of your project and 5 voice commands.
    • Voice Commander Midi Pro membership: $4.99/month USD
    • Voice Commander Daw Pro membership: $9.99/month USD
      (Voice Commander Daw comes with all the Midi Pro membership features).

  • How are handled payments?

    Payments are processed through the iPhone App Store.