adobe for voice

Effortless Production

  • Navigating, clicking, triggering shortcuts during recording sessions is painful and frustrating .
  • Not to worry! No need to lift a finger anymore!!!
  • Controlling everything with speech adds comfort and speeds up your workflow, cutting down tedious hours of work every day.
  • Assign actions, navigation, and functions to words to create voice commands. Calling the command will fire the contained events.

Selects Bass Track, goes to chorus marker ,

Starts Recording


adobe for voice

Work faster

  • Navigation
    Call Tracks: select & put the view in focus.
    Call Stacks: open or fold depending on the current state.
    Call Markers: places the playhead at the first bar of markers
    Call bar numbers: places the playhead at the start of a bar.
  • Key Commands & Automations
    Nest one or multiple key commands (chained) in a Voice command.
  • Midi
    Key Switch: switch modes while playing both hands.
    Program Change: switch instruments in your favorite sampler.
    Anything midi: CC, input notes, velocities and all things midi.
  • Mix mode
    Mode 1: On track selection, all inserted plugins will be displayed.
    Plugins from the previously selected track will close to give way to the latest selected track.
    Mode 2: Selecting a new track does not close previously opened plugins.

Connects with,

Your Bluetooth


adobe for voice

A new approach to music production

  • Be in tune with the artists you work with. Stick with them during recording sessions & stop going back and forth to the DAW.
  • Speak out safely in open working spaces.
  • Our model will continuously learn from you to become the best possible personal assistant.

Take it with you,


iWatch support under way.

adobe for voice

Accesible anywhere, anytime

  • This ubiquitous assistant listens and follows you around, ready to help and execute orders anywhere at any moment.
  • Voice Commander requires access to your iPhone's microphone. Ideally your iPhone should remain within a 3 meter range to ensure optimal accuracy.
  • Voice Commander can also be summoned via paired bluetooth Earbuds, Apple Airpods or cord mics.

Give yourself an edge

Increased Productivity X 3.0

Delegating extensive work to Voice Commander shortens the production timeline.

Enhances focus X 10.0

Maintain the creative flow, keeping fingers and eyes on the keys.

Faster Execution X 4.0

With it's engine running on device commands executes in less than 0.2s.



Commands used


Hours saved

Get Started
 Midi Edition

Send Midi Message with Voice

  Supports all midi software & devices
Note Input & Key Switching
Control Change
Program Change
Channel & Poly Pressure
Build & Trigger Macros
Midi Edition Plans
 Daw Edition

Control the Daw with Voice

  List of supported Daws
All Midi Messages (from Midi Edition)
Trigger Key Commands
Select and Put Tracks in Focus
Mix Mode (Open all plugins for selected channel)
Navigate to Bars & Markers
Build & Trigger Macros
Daw Edition Plans

Partake in the process of change.

Voice Commander Design

Voice Commander Daw

Voice Commander Midi